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June 2012: The Painful Way Out of the Tunnel

On the lingering crisis of the housing sector in Puerto Rico

Six years ago, in the peak of an unseen frenzy, it was hard to imagine the current crisis in which the Puerto Rico housing sector is now trapped. What began as a disturbing mess in 2007 has turned into a nightmare for developers, bankers, brokers, and the economy as a whole? Past and current administrations have not remained indifferent to housing woes and have squeezed public coffers to get this sector back on track. Public money might have stopped the bleeding, but the housing boat is wrecked and a long awaited rebound does not loom ahead soon. The golden years of housing are gone. An unfortunate combination of demographic and economic factors is standing against housing, and the public and private sectors will have to team up to rescue housing in Puerto Rico. Don’t miss this interesting issue.