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INSIDE THE PUERTO RICO ECONOMY, 1998-2007 by H Calero Consulting Group (Author)
The economy of Puerto Rico is not at a crossroads—it has already passed beyond that point. Yet its future is at the same time rich in opportunity, though beset by dangers. Inside the Puerto Rico Economy makes this point through past issues of the publication Puerto Rico Economic Pulse©, prepared monthly by H. Calero Consulting Group since 1998. This group of economists has allowed itself to think. Its major objective is to challenge the reader with its emphasis on key issues regarding demographics, tourism, manufacturing, government, political status, banking, construction, infrastructure, housing, inflation, human resources, among others. It is not intended as a book of recipes for guaranteed success in the not so distant future. This collection is a must read for anyone who wants to understand Puerto Rico’s economy better and to witness an eye-opening experience. With its emphasis on numerous charts and graphs, this book is especially incisive and absorbing to read. If you are looking to navigate expertly through today’s unpredictable climate, this is the one book you simply cannot afford to be without!
Inside the Puerto Rico Economy offers you:
  • a hard cover book, in full color, with a quick reference into multiple topics, tables, and graphs on demographics, tourism, manufacturing, government, banking, construction, among others;
  • analysis of issues, both immediate and long-term, to which Puerto Rico will have to face up if its prosperity is to be ensured and its economic growth re-continued;
  • 120 short economic essays of the publication Puerto Rico Economic Pulse, prepared monthly by H. Calero Consulting Group since 1998 to the present.
  • Updated to the latest Economic Pulses with your purchase
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