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December 2009: PPPs are the Government’s New Strategy

A look at this initiative to end the recession in PR

Governor Fortuño has selected the Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to redirect PR’s economic development strategy and steer the island out of its current 3-year old recession. PPPs are forecast to create 99,735 new jobs and attract $6.2 billion investments thru 2013. Will this strategy work? Mega projects such as the Caribbean Riviera in the old Roosevelt Roads navy facility and the Science City in the old penitentiary rely on private partners for financing. Betting on PPPs, implies big gains or catastrophic losses for Puerto Rico. This issue of PR Pulse analyzes the PPP concept. It aims to answer how these partnerships have worked in other countries; successes and failures; economic sectors and countries that have used them successfully or why they have failed. Find out the challenges facing PPPs in PR and what can be done to leave behind the current recession.