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September 2012: Beyond Economic Challenges

Getting back to fundamentals

“We the people” in Puerto Rico face daunting economic challenges now and in coming years. These challenges include a stagnant economy; a declining manufacturing sector, once the main driver of economic growth; ever higher dependence on federal funds; unhealthy level of public debt; a labor market that feeds on unemployment and few job opportunities; an ageing population that is insatiable in its health demands; an oil dependence that generates imbalances in all sectors; and mounting government deficits that threaten the use of scarce government revenues. Yes, there is always plenty to do, and now is no exception. It is important to maintain a perspective about this, particularly in light of upcoming elections in the Island. The key question is whether the economy is well poised for positive and innovative growth or if Puerto Rico doesn`t soon get its act together a long decline looms ahead.