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October 2012: Time for a Rethink of the PR Economy

An analysis of the 2012 election platforms

The Puerto Rican economy is at a standstill. Recovery in the US economy is sub-par at best and a rebound in the global economy is looking less and less likely. After five years of negative growth, the PR Government estimates the real rate of growth of the island’s GNP barely grew 0.9% in FY 2012. The island faces a challenging environment as never seen before. The economic situation and its social implications represent a tough challenge for whoever wins next month’s election. The incumbent Luis Fortuño for the New Progressive Party (NPP) and challenger Alejandro García Padilla for the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) are the principal contenders whereas the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) and the other three new parties are far behind. The incumbent claims for continuity in his reforms while the challenger suggests other proposals. This issue analyzes the highlights of the two principal political parties’ economic platforms. It is up to you to judge whether these plans are economically feasible?