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July 2011: Life Three Years After the Financial Crisis

Are we out of the woods yet?

Many questions still remain about the biggest financial meltdown since the Great Depression three years ago. Unfortunately, few transparent answers have been provided. What triggered the credit crunch of October 2008? Have safety mechanisms been adopted to avoid a repetition of such an event? More importantly, why has the economic recovery taken so long?  Many risks to the US economic outlook remain even after the trillions of dollars spent to stabilize markets, reign in risk, and bring back consumer and business confidence. The economic fundamentals in most markets have not yet recovered from the almost 700,000 jobs lost per month at the beginning of 2009. Ironically enough, the same financial system that took the crisis to a new level will also hold the key to any long-term sustainable recovery, both in the US and Puerto Rico. A new economic order could be emerging. Are we prepared for it? Find out if we are any closer to leaving behind the darkest economic period in recent memory.