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Q1 2007: Puerto Rico Out of Balance

A review of Q1 of 2007

Although the economy remains in recession, its current wobbly condition has hindered some sectors but presented opportunities for other sectors. Yet, the lack of growth continues to hamper the island and the risk that it will spill over to all sectors, threatens equilibrium. Six economic indices, ranging from the overall performance of the economy, banking, manufacturing, construction, consumption, and a leading economic index point to an economy that struggles to stabilize during the 1st Quarter of 2007.

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March 2007: Through the Looking Glass

A review of the PR economy in fiscal 2006 and forecast for 2007 to 2009

The PR economy is going through one of its worst times over the past 20 years. While most world economies are defying wars and political turmoil to grow at impressive rates, the island economy has retreated. Even worse, the economy is already in recession.  Many local setbacks and adverse winds blowing from the mainland threaten to derail a timid recovery. This issue reviews the current stage of our economy, highlighting the main obstacles to a coveted rebound. We also present our forecasts up to 2009 and address the most likely economic scenarios here as well as for the mainland. We invite you to view PR’s short-term economic future through our looking glass.