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February 2004: Let Energy Foster Tomorrow’s Growth

Transitioning into a new energy phase is critical to PR’s competitiveness

The economy runs on energy. It is a fact that all economic activities require the consumption of energy. The intrinsic relationship between energy consumption and economic growth urges to secure energy reserves to spur long-term growth. In addition, future competitiveness will depend, in part, on attractive energy prices and lower environmental impacts. This issue presents a brief assessment of the energy sector in and highlights the necessary steps to enforce a transition towards a new energy phase in the island.

Puerto Rico Economic Pulse ©

January 2004: The Future lies in Education Today

Some ideas for a new vision

Compared to other economies in the region, Puerto Rico’s educational system has lowered the historically low levels of illiteracy and increased the demand for professionals, such as, engineers, registered nurses, and teachers. Despite such success, there are problems. In this issue, find out how the island compares internationally; what are the threats and possible outcomes if solutions are not adopted. Can PR afford to squander its most valuable resource: people? Is this the time to develop a new vision of what the new educational system of Puerto Rico should look like in the next twenty years?