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December 2004: Pharmaceutical Industry on the Radar

Challenges for the pharma industry after the elections

Drug costs are the fastest growing part of Health Care spending in the US. This fact made drug prices one of the hot buttons in the 2004 election. Public opinion is charged against the pharmaceutical companies and voters are expecting changes over the next four years. The consensus? Patients, and particularly seniors, are paying too much for drugs, and prices need to go down. Reforms proposed? Some of these include re-importation from Canada, Medicare, and more flexibility for generic drugs. Find out about the issues discussed in the election debate, the proposed reforms, and what the PR pharmaceutical industry should expect in the near future.

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November 2004: Narrowing down the Almighty Giant

Exploring ways to reduce the size of government

Electoral times have never been short of new proposals. All parties bid for the best ideas on issues such as: education, health, and crime. However, one important issue remains untouched: how to reduce the size of government, the same government that doles jobs while squeezing the pockets of taxpayers; the same government that invests while swelling the public debt and is so powerful that no candidate dares to defy. This issue targets the almighty giant and provides insights on how to unravel this pernicious trap that entangles the whole society. Find out how we can tackle successfully a long postponed challenge.

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October 2004: Seniors Shape the Future

Analysis of demographic trends in Puerto Rico

The world is aging. By 2050, the population of seniors will triple, forcing nations to reform pension plans and invest large amounts to provide adequate living standards for the elderly. PR is not an exception. Over the next 20 years, we will need to make tough decisions that will impact our economy and competitiveness, if we want to provide seniors what they need and deserve. Are we getting ready for the upcoming seniors’ explosion? Will we fulfill our social responsibility of taking care of those that built the modern PR? It is time for action. This issue reviews the demographic transition that PR and the World are experiencing. Find out how this population trend will reshape our society for the 21st century.

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September 2004: Decision 2004

Analysis of the economic platforms of the political parties of P.R.

Election 2004 is around the corner. This election will take place in a new international context, a new world marked by the fever of globalization and free trade. The next four years will be decisive and we will have to face some postponed challenges. Will we definitely take the path of modern development and join the international contest? Will we retreat once again and dismiss current warnings? It is time to see what each party proposes to reshape our economy. This issue reviews the economic platforms of the three contenders in this election. Find out what these platforms propose and how they may impact you.

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August 2004: Remaking The Miracle with PR 2025-Part II

Highlights of a novel strategic plan for Puerto Rico

Confronted with some structural problems, Puerto Rico needs a strategic plan to fight back. This is precisely what PR 2025 is: a long run socioeconomic plan built upon our flaws and also upon our dreams. In this issue, we introduce the highlights of this strategic plan, without missing any of the important components of our reality, from economic to social to environment and infrastructure development. After one year of hard and exhilarating work by twenty-five task forces, the plan is ready. Now is the time for action. We review what needs to be done in order to fulfill our dreams.

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July 2004: Remaking The Miracle with PR 2025 – Part I

Big challenges facing Puerto Rico and a new strategic plan for 2025

Once praised as an economic miracle, Puerto Rico is now confronting structural problems, which threaten its economic and social goals. Loss of competitiveness, strong reliance on federal transfers, high rates of unemployment, and poor participation of local firms in cutting edge sectors are some of the flaws dragging the economy down. This is Part I of two issues that review the main challenges of our society and introduce PR 2025 as a novel effort to regain the lost edge. This initiative is the first comprehensive, long run strategic plan for Puerto Rico. It builds on our vision of the island, our dreams, and our opinions. Unless we get behind PR 2025, our challenges will remain.

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June 2004: The Housing Fever

Latest trends and perspectives of the housing market in Puerto Rico

Housing is one of the cornerstones of our economy. It is a sector that has gone unscathed during the recent economic slowdown, a sector that spurs construction, keeps the banks thriving, and fuels consumption through refinancing. A soft monetary policy has boosted mortgage loans as never before, and such a demand has pushed up housing prices in. In this issue, we review the latest trends in housing and the effects of the extremely low interest rates over this sector. Find out how housing prices have behaved and what the future might bring to housing and the overall economy.

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May 2004: Managing a Priceless Asset

Enhancing competitiveness requires improving water management

No social or economic development goals can be met without adequate and efficient provision of water. In simple words: water is vital, without it, life cannot exist. Despite the fact that water is an infinitely renewable resource and that Puerto Rico is well endowed with water resources, the faces a tremendous challenge in improving water management. Ensuring quality of service, maintaining water reserves, and revamping the water governing system require critical measures for enhancing future quality of life and competitiveness. This issue analyses the challenges of managing water in, a task that has bounced from the Government to the private sector and back to the hands of the Government.

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On the process of outsourcing and implications for Puerto Rico

A phantom is roaming the planet and rattling the nerves of first world professionals: outsourcing. The service sector, the untouched harbor of many professionals in the US as well as in Europe, has witnessed the exodus of thousands of jobs to more attractive destinations. In this issue, we address this new phenomenon, which is revolutionizing labor markets across the globe and leaving many wondering whatever happened overnight. We provide some insights on the recent trends of worldwide outsourcing and examine the implications for Puerto Rico. Join us for an analysis and call to action of what PR should do to avoid being a loser in this global contest.

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March 2004: Welcome Back Recovery

A review of the PR economy in fiscal 2003 and forecasts for 2004 through 2006

Yes, it is true. Recovery has finally returned. After a shallow plunge in fiscal 2002, the PR economy perked up in fiscal 2003. The economy managed to go through high oil prices, new onerous excise taxes and a hostile international environment, featuring war, loss of jobs and a sickly stock market. We are indeed back on the path of positive growth, but it is yet too early to celebrate. Despite the promising outlook in the short run, our economy needs to overcome structural flaws and will have to rethink itself. Join us for a review of the main developments in fiscal 2003 and our forecast up to fiscal 2006. This issue will also discuss the challenges that lie ahead.