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February 2003: The Pharmaceutical Industry – Part II

Its contribution to innovation, education, and the environment in PR

In our previous issue, we explored how the pharmaceutical industry in Puerto Ricocontributed to the overall economy in terms of production, exports, investment, jobs, and compensation. This issue links the industry to innovation and technology as well as its contribution to the community and the environment. As before, these facts come from government published data as well as from a survey sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Industry Association (PIA) in PR. Find out how Puerto Rico is on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical production with the latest technologies, processes, and latest generation in drugs and why is the pharma industry heavily involved with higher education in Puerto Rico.

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January 2003: The Pharmaceutical Industry – Part I

Facts you didn’t know about the contribution of this industry to PR

The pharmaceutical industry has been in Puerto Rico for over three decades, in good and not so good times. Yet, in every instance, the industry has contributed to production, jobs, compensation, and technology. It is well known as one of the largest exporters on the Island. Check the facts of how the pharmaceutical industry has contributed to the economy, to human resources, to innovation and technology, and finally, its support to the community and the environment. This and the forthcoming issue of Economic Pulse highlight the contribution of a successful industry to the Island’s economy.