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December 1999: Breaking into the New Millennium

A Review of Economic Events in 1999

This has been the year in which more money has been pumped into the megaprojects of the Super aqueduct, the Urban Train, and highway construction. The six-year old health care reform plan for the medically indigent is already in need of reform. The disaster of Hurricane Gorges in September 1998 turned out to be a blessing in disguise, propelling the economy to 4.2% real growth in fiscal 99. Our consumers kept breaking sales records. But depending on the two C`s: construction and consumption may be too complacent for the economic outlook in year 2000. Although, not an alarming fact, it does cast some doubt as to our ability to stay on the path of growth. As we break into the new millennium, we face an election year crammed with challenges and issues for the new gubernatorial candidates. Find out how a review of the major headlines during the year provides some clues on the economy at least for the next twelve months.